Welcome to Extreme Travel Adventures Inc. Investor Relations Page Extreme Travel Adventures Inc. is a new start up company focusing on the exciting and rapidly growing Extreme Travel Industry, and Space Tourism, which has been conservatively estimated to be growing to over $50 billion dollars in the next several years. We are continually seeking ways to expand our market share, business alliances and strategic relationships. If you are interested in investing and would like more information, please contact us at: info@rusad.com

Extreme Travel Adventures Inc. combines the following business elements in delivering its world leading sub orbital Space Flights, Adventure Travel, Extreme Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Aviation & Aerospace Flights and Marketing/Sponsorship. We are actively seeking investors and partners to participate in our continued rapid growth.

Investors from all parts of the world and all industries are welcome. To find out how Extreme Travel Adventures Inc. success can become your success, please contact us at info@rusad.com for additional information and prospectus.

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